A plugin similar to Curviloft but different function/features

Hello, I am a new member. I am looking for a plugin which is very similar to Curviloft. what the plugin can do is create a face of 3 lines which are Y, Z, X and It will be used create a shape without any curve at all.

here’s a very simple example:

as you can see there are no curves at all. Are there any plugins that have the ability to do this. It would save me a lot of times on creating a complexed shape than the simple one without any curves.

If the shape has no vertical (90 degrees to the red/green plane) or inward-curving parts you can try the Sandbox from Contours tool.

In May 2016, someone else had a similar request. I created a script to do that.

Quad Chamfer.rb (5.2 KB)

that’s good to know that there are some plugins that have the feature

can you tell me which plugin is that?


oh never mind. I saw the file, Quad Chamfer.rb. And does it require a plugin for it to work?

I have one question, is it capable of doing a complexed shape with just 3 lines… but the completely different shape.

Sorry, as written it only does this one thing. Perhaps if you could illustrate what you mean by “a complex shape with just 3 lines”,

Quad Chamfer.rb is a stand alone plugin.

Alright… Give me a moment. to show you what I meant by complexed shape.


here’s what a complexed shape with 3 lines looks like:

It’s just to give you an idea of what I mean different shape on all Z, Y, and X.

So a random shape generated based on three random length lines which lie on the X, Y, Z axes?

Yes, that’s correct.

The complexed shape I am making is all based on train’s nose with the blueprint show me the lines via Z, Y, and X. It took me a lot of time to get the shape right based on the 3 lines. It’s a lot of times and work. This should help you understand what I have been working on.

a content of train’s shape that looks more like blocky or slanty is based on Minecraft’s content. That’s why I am looking for a plugin like Curviloft (Curviloft only create curve line) but have the same feature as Curviloft does. and should create a shape like the first picture in my first post you see. more slanty rather than curvy (preferably no curve at all)

One more thing, where do you insert the file “Quad Chamfer.rb” in a Sketchup 2017?

EDIT: never mind, I figured it out.

Sometimes there is just no way other than manually creating the object you want. I think that this is one of them…


Dang it…


only if Curviloft has the same function that i can use it to create the shape without any curvy at all. but it is quite disappointing.

In fact, there are no ‘real’ curves in SketchUp surfaces, they are all build up with straight edges. You can try ‘Soap,Skin,Bubble’ and set division lower…

That may work. I’ll check it out and yeah you are right that there are no real smooth curves. I remember that when I took a close look at the circle’s edge.

Can you tell me what was the plugin that you used in the GIF picture. I recognized that tool from somewhere but i can’t remember the name of that plugin. :thinking:


Thank you.

It worked just like how I wanted it to be.

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