Push/Pull Tool Assistance

Having a tiny problem that is annoying. I hope you are able to assist.

While watching Tutorial video #3 from “Wild Academy” on YouTube (Groups & Components). At 11:56 in the video, he is able to stretch his beam after he has made 6 copies of the original. He is using the Push/Pull tool for this feature.

Now, on to my own project. I have made a series of beams 2"x4"x12’. Now I would like to amend these to be 2x6x12. My problem is that when I hover the mouse around the plane I wish to extend (3.5" to make into 5.5"),the curser informs me that this function can not be created (there is a red circle with a diagonal line through it). And I am not allowed to proceed further. My 2x4x12 beam is created as a Component, as he described earlier in his video.

Yes, I know I can just Select the 2x4x12 beam and delete it and create a 2x6x12 beam, but shouldn’t this be as simple as dragging or stretching it up 2"?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!


While hovering like that, right click and select edit component, then pull the face.

Just to clarify, groups and components are wrapped geometry so you need to open them to edit the raw geometry. There are several way to do this, You can right click and select Edit Component or Double click will open it for you or Right click on a component in the Outliner dialog and so on.

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Thanks Box for your wonderful explanation and example! I will be returning to this aide many times until it becomes second nature to me.


Minor comment: Component definitions are invariant for scale, rotate and move. You change the definition when you edit it so if you want all the 2x4’s to be wider make the change in the edit mode , but if you want to one particular instance wider in you model then scale it. If for some reason you want to change you can reset the scale back to the orginal definition value.

Thanks mac7595, but right now this is a lot to digest! I will read and re-read your comment until I am able to understand all you have shared.

Understanding what all the terms and definitions are within SketchUp / 3D Modelling in general will take some time. I have owned Lightwave since the Video Toaster days with Amiga, almost 20 years on. I will admit that I was never able to be able to harness the true powers of CAD until SketchUp! I have been able to create more in SketchUp than with LightWave, Maya, AutoCAD, etc.

This is a wonderful program to be comfortable with, even though I understand that I have only been able to grasp less than 10% of what sketchUp is capable of doing for me!

I will be posting a new question shortly regarding something that seems very confusing to me right now, but I know there is a very simple answer out there. I just am not able to figure it out yet. This is a highly powerful tool!