Extending or adding length to a group

my problem is i have this beam/object/group (whatever) and it is x (unknown) long.

I know that i want it to be 10 inches long.

I have to grab the tape measure, measure it and see that it is 7.2743 long.

then open the calculator and subtract 7.2743 from 10, grab the push/pull tool and pull the object 2.7257.

is there an easier way to do this?

also would be great to have a way to select an object and see its LxWxH displayed somewhere

I know I can see the volume displayed in the entity info window so it must know the length, I am guessing i just don’t know where to look


Don’t do arithmetic! Just draw something temporary 10" from one end and pushpull the other end out until it snaps to that. Guides were made for this kind of thing!

There is no built-in way to display the three dimensions of an object, but there are various extensions that do so. Search the EW or sketchUcation and you will find them.

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And if the geometry allows a push pull, it’s likely that a scale to the desired length will work too… (its difficult to answer this kind of question without seeing the object!)

Use the scale tool, grab the middle handle of the relevant face and move it in the right direction, let go of the mouse and type 10" and hit enter.


Steve thanks again for the help.

Cotty see below

I wold use Scale Tool the way Box describes. Then the part (beam?) can be a component scaled from the outside. By scaling the component itself and not PushPull the faces within it the same component definition can be re-used throughout the model which reduces the file size. It also allows you to at any point change the profile throughout the model if that is needed.


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