Steel Beam - Stretch

Hi I am a novice … i have imported a steel beam component and can not work out how to stretch it to the length i need.


Probably the most straightforward way would be with the scale tool.
Select the beam, click on the desired handle, pull and click, then type the dimension you want and hit return.



Now the way Shep showed you, only that one instance of the beam component has been affected. That outer component wrapper has been stretch with the Scale tool. The original component still has the same geometry of the model you downloaded.

If you double-click on the component to edit the geometry inside, all copies of the same component will be changed.

It’s a good time to read up and watch instructional video on components and groups. And test things out - make a couple of copies of the same component and play around.

To prevent distortion, you can use the move tool inside the groupt/component…

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