Making Components in Sketchup Shop

I’m new to Sketchup—I’ve got a Ferrari and I’m able to drive a Yugo. I’ve found recently that if I have a component defined, move and copy using the Control key doesn’t make another component. But, when I Copy and Paste the component it does make a component that can be Push-Pulled, Rotated and such. I swear recently when I used the Control key and multiplied (*5) I produced a bunch of components. Ladies and gentlemen, what am I missing?

A component can not be pushpulled, only raw geometry can be. Components and groups are collections of raw geometry (and maybe other components, entities), such that they are isolated from other entities. To select a group or component, one click is suffice, a double click would open such for editing its entities, which is quite possible your experience.
You can consider a component as a mini sketchup file created within the master file, similar to a xref block in AutoCad
You can select multiple entities (components, lines, text,…) and move/copy those, you can see your selection highlighted. Outliner shows any groups or components selected


Thanks, I may be getting click happy.


Thanks. Seems the Learning Center site is having a challenge. The beginner section is asking me to come back later.