Push/Pull tool won't work, please help

Please see the attached file, I’m not good with English. I can’t explain any furthertable.skp (48.6 KB)

I can’t find any issues with that model, so the problem is most likely with how you are trying to use the pushpull tool. Alas, that means you will have to struggle to explain in English. One thought: are you opening the Groups or Components for edit before trying to pushpull surfaces in them? You can’t modify elements of a Group or Component without opening it for edit first.

Yes, I made the table floor a group and I made the legs a component. How do you open it for edit?


Editing a group is relatively easy. Double or triple click on the group you wish to edit. If you have groups within groups, understand that each set of clicks will go one layer into the group of objects. That said, you may have to multi-click more than once, to edit the object within the group that you want.


Two ways: you can double-click on it, or you can right-click and select “Edit Component” from the popup menu.

Thank you, it works now :smiley:

No worries. You can still learn SketchUp the easy way, by watching the Video Tutorials
Click the (CC) closed caption button in the YouTube control panel to translate to your language.

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Thanks, I’ll definitely check that out