Editing One Component Does Not Edit Other Components

I edited one of the ceiling joist components by using push/pull to lengthen it but it did not edit the other joists. I had to lengthen each one by itself. Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong? Here is the file:

Workshop 2.skp (1.0 MB)

Also, can someone please help me understand the difference between double and triple clicking a group as far as editing goes? I still don’t quite understand it.

Sorry I can’t look at your file. I’m on older SU versions. As for clicking on a group or component …. If you click once it will select the group/component. You would see the group or components blue bounding box show up. If you double click it will open the group or component for editing. If you triple click on your group or component it will open and select everything inside that group or component. Does that make sense ?

Hi there,

You’ve created a component for the joist but then opened the component and copied the geometry within it leaving all the joist geometry as a single component.

Instead you should copy the component joist component.

Here I’ve fixed the file. Compare it to yours.
Workshop 2 joists fixed.skp (393.9 KB)

Select tool:

Single click Select the entity clicked on.
Double click on a face/surface selects the face/surface and its bounding edges.
Triple click selects all connected geometry.
Double click on a component or group opens it for editing.
Triple click on a group or component or group opens it for editing AND selects all connected geometry.

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I think so! Thank you!

Thank you for fixing it but I’m still confused about what I did wrong! Or what steps should I take to prevent this happening again?

Hello Dave, I remember you! You helped me out a few months back working on a hamster cage. I never did finish it though because we ended up giving it away to another family. My son didn’t have the patience yet to train it and I thought it might be better off elsewhere.

I haven’t been on Sketchup since then and I’m still a beginner and fumbling my way through. I’ve watched a lot of tutorials but found the best way to learn is by doing.

I’m working on my basement now. I have two little workrooms that I’m going to redo so they’re better set up for woodworking. I plan to add some floor to ceiling shelving and a couple of workbenches. The shelves can’t be anchored into the walls so I need to map out where the joists are so I can anchor to them.

If you don’t mind another question, I just ran into another issue with the “back right wall.” If you notice in the other rooms there is a space where the brick wall recesses back. On this wall it goes back 4 1/2". For all of the other walls I was able to draw a line and then push the upper half back to the correct depth. However, on this wall, instead of highlighting just the upper half, the entire wall is highlighted when I grab the push/pull tool. What am I doing wrong?

Workshop 2.skp (352.6 KB)

After you made the component of the first joist, you probably triple clicked on it with the Select tool which would open the component for editing and select all of the geometry inside. Then you used Move/Copy to move the selection. Instead, a single click on the joist component and then Move/Copy would get you the multiple instances of the joist component.

I was wondering about your hamster cage. I didn’t know hamsters can be trained.

On that wall the horizontal edge doesn’t go all the way to the right end so it doesn’t divide the face into two.

If you edit the group and continue the edge to the end so it divides the face, you’ll be able to push the top back to make the ledge.