Components acting independently

Hi guys. I have been using sketchup pro for a few days. So quiet new to the software. For some reason my components always act independently. When I edit one of them, they should all change. Does anyone know how this could be happening. It’s incredibly frustrating.

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There’s surely a simple explanation. Share your SketchUp file with us so we can see exactly what you’ve modeled and help you sort it out.

Shed model - remake.skp (86.9 KB)

Thanks Dave

You’re welcome.

Are you referring to the long rafters at the end?

If you look at Outliner you can see you have a group that contains a single component called “End rafter L”.

That component contains the geometry for both of the long white rafers but they are loose geometry, not components.

So changes made by editing the geometry of one of them should not be expected to show in the other. It looks to me as if you made the component for the rafter and then opened it for editing and copied the geometry instead of simply copying the component.

You have the same problem with the pafters you’ve painted with the wood material, too.

And the corner posts show the same issue.

The studs and plates are all loose geometry collected in a group.

Each stick in the shade should be a component and if you have more than one of them, you should copy the component, not the geometry inside.There’s a lot of unneccesary nesting (components inside component or groups in this model, too. That will make your work more difficult.

Thank you so much for your quick response. I don’t understand how I am doing the copying of internal geometry. I thought if I highlighted a component, copied and moved it , it would stay a component. I’m not sure what nesting is either. I’m at the pretty early stages of learning the software.

Is it possible for me to now turn these end rafters into a component so the changes work together?

Also, how do you know they are loose geometry and not components?

This is a fairly common newby thing. I’ve seen it many times with new students. I expect what you are doing is triple clicking on the component which selects it, opens it for editing, and selects all of the geometry inside. I demonstrate that in the first part of the following. A single click will select the component which you can then copy to get more than one component.

As for how you can tell it’s loose geometry, when it is selected the faces have blue dots. I can also ttell by looking at Outliner.

It is possible to correct the model however so much of it needs to be fixed that I expect it would be easier to start over. Are the corner posts supposed to be the dimension they are?

Steve beat me to thing about nesting.

Did you single click to select the component to copy or move, or did you perhaps double-click (which opens the component for edit) or triple-click (which both opens for edit and selects all the contents)? You can tell the difference by how the bounding box is drawn. Simple select will draw it in blue. Open for edit will draw it using dotted lines. Open for edit and select all will both draw the dotted box and highlight all the individual contents.

Nesting simply means that a component or group is included in the contents of another component or group, like a smaller doll nested inside a bigger one in a Russian doll.

I definitely triple clicked the component.

Yes the posts were meant to be that dimension. I was just playing around with something.

Can I fix the component situation in outliner? Actually I guess I really need to work this problem out first so I do things properly from now on. so maybe I just start again. I’ve been working on it for a couple of days now, so that’s a little sad. haha

So that’s the problem.

Take a look at your floor framing. You have a component called Joist/Bearer that contains the loose geometry for two of them and then there’s a bunch of loose geometry ouside of that for the floor joists and the center bearer.

Not really. You can’t select raw geometry in Outliner. You need edit the existing components and remove the extra geometry and then make copies of the components correctly. You could explode groups and remove some of the unneeded nesting via Outliner, though.

I would just start over with the correct work flow using only single clicks to select components for copying. Once you get a handle on this it’ll go much faster.

Thank you Dave. I appreciate your help

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Shed model - remake.skp (122.0 KB)

You’re quite welcome. I started a redo of your model although I made the corner posts only 2500 long instead of 2507.9074. Note how each piece of wood is a component. I’ve done no nesting at this stage. In my opinion it’s too early in the process for nesting. It would only get in the way.

I would also suggest that you leave the paint bucket alone until you have gotten a lot farther along in the model. Materials can mask problems that you need to see and deal with.

Good luck.



Thank you Dave. I will check it out. All good advice

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