Everything's gone wierd

Hey guys!

So I’m very confused as to what has gone wrong with my building. For some reason, the axis seems to have been altered by something I’ve done. I’m very new to SketchUp, so this is my first project (School work), and I’m sort of learning as I go along. I’ve attached some Imgur photos to show you guys what is going on, but other than the things I can see, this has left my completely baffled. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!

It looks as if you have not been making components of things as you go, and have then moved some of your geometry which has pulled everything out of shape. All edges and faces in Sketchup stay connected together UNLESS you make them into components or groups as you go.

Every time you finish drawing a ‘piece’ of your model, make it into a component - for example, a wall, a door, the reveal for a door, a window frame, a window. Even the parts of a window - the sides of the frame, the top, the bottom, the mullions, the pieces of glass …

ONLY COMPONENTS (or groups, which are a specialised form of component) separate geometry in Sketchup.

So read the Help about components, or look for initial tutorials on YouTube.
For example:
https://help.sketchup.com/en/article/3000124 about making basic components
or search Help for Components.
Or look at these videos

If you were to upload the Sketchup file itself here, someone could have a look and tell you whether it can be rescued, or if you would be better to start over, using components properly.

In addition to john’s comments reading up on how to use the Su inference engine is a must also:neutral_face:

Thanks for the quick response. I will look into how to use the Su Inference engine, and I’ll look into the making of components. Luckily, I made most of my furniture assets outside of the building, so converting them into components shouldn’t be that tricky once I get the hang of it.Thanks for your time, I appreciate it greatly.

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