Help - faces are connected


I am very new to using sketchup and am trying to make a door with side lights and a large arched window as a component to add to a larger file. My problem is that the window pane is being highlighted with the mullions. I have tried deleting the lines and redrawing but it keeps happening…

I would like to know what I am doing wrong and also how to fix it!!!


Aside from agreeing that something is squirrely with your model, it’s pretty tough to say what you’re doing wrong since you haven’t told us what you’re doing and you haven’t provided us the model to look at. You’ll need to do one or the other (or both) to get a good answer.



The window on the left shows signs of “z-fighting”. The one on the right appears to be painted with the gray material from the lower frame. This suggests there are two Faces in each window opening. Did you not cut out the window panes before painting the rest with their materials?

As Gully said, please post your model so we can see what is really going on.


Upon reflection, it appears, at least as far as the window on the left is concerned, that you’re trying to make changes to the component from outside the component’s context, so everything you draw is just sitting there on the outside instead of integrating with the geometry of the transom.

How are you feeling about the idea of “context” with regard to groups and components? If your answer is “uncertain,” you should read the following: Editing groups, which also applies to components.



Hey thanks! I am so new I just jumped in with both feet! I had to redraw at least 5x before I figured out how to get it to do what I wanted to- (not even sure what I did) - And I have been playing with componenets - am learning more everyday!! Sorry for not knowing how to ask for exactly what I wanted :stuck_out_tongue: