Can't make window opening Push out

Attached are 2 animated GIFs. The first shows how I drew a window system. The second one shows how the face of the hexagon was selected, the window system was toggled to invisible, the outline of the window hole was drawn and the window hole would not push out.

Suggestions please.

Peter Enns
Creating a Window System
Window opening won't push out
LH Hexagon Jan 8 11 am.skp (190.3 KB)

The model you posted has nothing in it.

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Seeing that your questions are always the same, I would recommend that you first make all the holes and then draw the windows over those holes.

Hey Aaron,

That is really weird. Here’s another one.
LH Hexagon Jan 8 11 am.skp (214.0 KB)

You have multiple faces on top of each other. My suggestion is to start over after viewing

SketchUp Campus and at the SketchUp - YouTube channel will be very worthwhile. Both sites are from the SketchUp team. On the YouTube channel, pay attention to the Square One Series and Level UP series. They cover the basics for each tool.

After looking at the file, I am not really sure what you are trying to do. I would echo @RLGL and say it is time to take a break from trying to teach yourself through trial and error and go through the Fundamentals course on You have a few tools under your belt, but you need to spend some focused time on understanding the basics of how SketchUp works. Specifically, pay attention to how grouping and inferencing works. Looking at this, like the last few versions of this model you posted, I believe that you still striggle with how these features work. With inferencing there would be no need for all those reference lines. With a proper understanding of grouping, you would not have so many struggles with context.
None of this is meant to discourage! Just trying to point you in the right direction.


Hey Learned One,

I’ve been taking those courses over several times in the past 5 months. It seems that some concepts just are not covered in the courses.

For instance, I’ve never heard of the concept of “multiple faces on top of each other”. Please explain that in detail and tell me how I can avoid it.

Thank you very much.

Peter Enns
LH Hexagon Jan 8 2 pm.skp (237.8 KB)

“Z Fighting” You have drawn a face on top of another face. 2 faces cannot occupy the same face. You NEED to use groups and components.

Hi Peter,

I took one of your previous models and made components out of everything. The components are grouped together. This is just an example of how a model can be organized.

You could add widows to the sides, like you’ve done with some of your previous models.

LH Hexagon - Groups of Components.skp (216.6 KB)

I am sure that it is explained that there should not be “loose” geometry, that generates that such geometry can be in the same place as other equal but within a group or component.

Pay attention to any of the two files that I attach with the well structured model, one of them with only groups and another one with only components.

Analyze the geometry in each of the groups and/or components CAREFULLY so that you can do the same with the rest of the model.

LH Hexagon organized.skp (173.1 KB)

LH Hexagon organized components.skp (179.4 KB)

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See the attached Outliner. It looks like I’m using lots of components. What am I missing?
LH Hexagon Jan 8 2 pm.skp (242.5 KB)
Can't Push through individual windows either

You do not understand the concept of multiple faces occupying the same space. It is what is causing some of your issues. They do not have to be a group or component.

Please step back and learn the basic concepts of SketchUp. For some people it takes time. Until you grasp them you will continue to have problems.

Hello Learned One,

Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction. I’m trying to do what you suggested. However, I’m stuck on the Outliner panel. I’m hoping you can help me out.

I’ve created components with names similar to the ones you have. What I want to do is create a new group called Front Face. Indented below that I would like to list Front Hexagon, Top Beam & Bottom Beam.

As you can see from the attached animated GIF, I am unable to change the order of any of the components. I also do not know how to create the new group I want.

I’ve been searching the internet for answers for well over an hour. Please be so kind as to help me out.

Thank you.

Peter Enns
Can't change Outliner Hierarchy
LH Hexagon Jan 9.skp (199.3 KB)

Hello Again Learned One,

While I was waiting for an answer, I created the top windows and called it Window System Top. You made 5 sub-components such as Glass Left & Window Frame Large within Window System Top.

How did you do that? When I try clicking or double clicking on those sub-component areas, I am unable to isolate them.

Peter Enns

The order is alphabetical. Moving them has no impact on the model unless you place them into other groups.

Follow this short tutorial… several times if possible and try to understand the differences between raw geometry (edges and faces) - groups/components - tags.
Avoid using Outliner for now, until you manage to understand the above differences.

Use groups (or components), tags and the Color by Tag setting to make your work and learning process easier.

Try to build each constructive element - walls, windows, frames, glass, etc. one at a time and only after you build one correctly and group it (either you make it a group or a component), move on to the next one.
eg: If you made a wall and you know that it must also contain a window, then make that hole. Only after that you move on and create the window frame, group it, and then continue with its other elements - frame, glass, etc.

Read about grouping and tags at

Check out this video Z Fighting

Sketchup is even showing you the issue in your gif. When you swing around to the back you can see the thick profile lines that are telling you they are edges that are not part of the the face, they are the edges of the hole you have created. But the slightly grayed out hexagonal face is covering the hole but in a different context, it is outside the group that you are editing.
I’ll say it once again, until you grasp the concept of editing in context you will not proceed.