Can't create window openings

Hi all, I’ve uploaded my work as reference. I’m experiencing an issue where I can not create windows.
The result should look like this Screenshot - 93636365e99be68a1662646f5e096760 - Gyazo but as you can see in Sketchup I can not push it through “on face” in order to get the opening. What am I doing wrong? Did I go wrong whilst creating the groups? Any help would be appreciated.

Extra oefening 7-3 tijdelijk.skp (372.9 KB)

No idea. But…
If you use Push/Pull on the face that represents the size of your window and hit [Ctrl] once to extrude a copy of that face, and push it right through the top edge of the inner wall. Select the extrusion and its closest environment (the faces it should cut) and select “Intersect Faces with Selection”. Then you should be able to clean unneeded edges and faces. Leaving the desired window opening right where you want it.

What is it with all these guides. Try to keep the number down to “still see your model”. The inferencing engine may help in certain cases to achieve the same result.

Start from here - SketchUp Fundamentals -Part 1 - and learn the basics about groups, components and layers (tags)

In your model you mixed raw geometry with randomly created groups, and to which you assigned tags in the same way.

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Reconstructed model > Model (SU2017).skp (649.4 KB)

As you can see I have only limited experience. We get these guides from college. Regarding to the exercise we need to make several groups and tags which need to belong together.
In particular the “Muren” and “Isolatie”. I’ll have to do some proper research on how to work with the groups and tags because I have clearly messed up along the way. Thank you so much.