Second row of windows will not open with Push/Pull

As you can see in this 20 second animated GIF, I successfully used push/pull to open 5 windows on one face of my hexagon. I turned the geometry 60 degrees and clicked on Align View.

I think I used the identical protocol for Push/Pulling the windows as I did in the first row of open windows. This time it will not push to rectangle out.

Trying to create 2nd set of windows.skp (212.0 KB)
2nd row of windows will not open

You’ve had this problem before. Note the heavy profile edges around the rectangle. That inidcates either the rectangle is not on the face or is not inside the group/component so it isn’t dividing that face into inner and outer regions.

Go to SketchUp YouTube page and search for “pushpull”. You will get several videos for results.

Here are 2 videos that explain things you need to understand and if you get them under your belt, so to speak you should be able to use push/pull effectively.