Old system for opening window in double work does not work

For a few weeks I have been making window openings in a wall, covering those openings with a second wall and then creating openings in the second wall. This was the scope & sequence of my system:

  1. Make the open windows in my first wall.
  2. Covering that first wall with a second wall.
  3. Zoom into the windows one at a time.
  4. Adding a rectangle within the open window space.
  5. Changing the rectangle into a group.
  6. Exploding the group.
  7. Push the window out and end up holding the end of the Push/Pull tool icon over an edge in an outer wall.

I have attached an animated GIF illustrating those 7 points. I have also attached an SKP file in which a made the windows & then the second wall.

What did I do wrong?

Can't open window in double wall

Those seven points worked last week. Why won’t they work today?

Left hexagon with solar panels, window,etc.~.skp (198.3 KB)

There is a gap between both walls. When you push pull the rectangle there are no edges to intersect with. You should redraw the edges before deleting anything.

These ones

By the way, I suggest you to work with groups or components, it’s easy when you have more and more geometry drawn.

My suggestion…

There must be something strange in your model because when copying the edges you should generate the face separated from the window and it is not generated.

Peter - may I make a suggestion?

Abandon this hexagonal thing for now. Start with the basics.

  1. Draw a narrow rectangle - 6” x 24’
  2. Push pull this up 12’
  3. Make this a component.
  4. Double click the ‘wall’ to edit the component.
  5. Anywhere on a long face of the ‘wall’ draw a rectangle, push it through the ‘wall’.
  6. Anywhere on a long face of the ‘wall’ draw a circle and push it through the wall.
  7. You should have two holes through the wall - a rectangle and a circle.
  8. Repeat 5 and 6 to fill the ‘wall’ with random shaped holes.
  9. When you master this and can do this without thinking proceed to try the hexagonal tutorial again.

Thank you very much. I’m going to start that immediately.

I’ve been practicing a few hours. Attached is an animated GIF of my progress. Thank you for your wisdom.