Push Pull not creating a window opening in a wall

Please help,

I am new to sketch up and I am designing a garden home. I have created two window openings on different sides but when I come to create a third nothing seems to work. I have tried grouping the wall and exploding it but nothing is working. I have been reading through similar problems on the forum, watching youtube vids and trying to solve the problem over three days now -aaaarrrggghh.

Could someone let me know what I am doing wrong.

Please upload a copy of the model to eliminate guessing and save time

The most likely causes are that the faces of the wall are not parallel, your rectangle is not actually drawn on the surface, or drawing in a different group or component. As @RLGL wrote, if you can share the model, one of use can surely point out what is actually going on.

As said above the sections of walls must be planar.
See if you work, work in sight // or in perspective.
When you make a surface it must fill up otherwise it will not work.
On the other hand, tell us if you understood to close.
For my part I use Sketchup from V8.
Comme dit ci dessus les pans de murs doivent êtres plans.
Voir si tu travailles travaille en vue // ou en perspective.
Quant tu réalise une surface elle doit se remplir sinon cela n’ira pas.
Par contre, dis nous si tu as compris pour clôturer.
Pour ma par j’utilise Sketchup depuis la V8.

Dear RLGL,

How would I upload the sketchup model for you to look at.



Download the file to your computer, reply to this post, use the eighth button form the left to upload…

Floor1 (1).skp (1.4 MB)

  1. Leave the textures off until the end
  2. I used purge to get rid of unused stuff
  3. Nesting is excessive, because of that you may not have been in the edit mode for that sheet.
  4. Once in the proper context PP does work.
    The framing for each wall should be in one group, it is ok to have multiple pieces (Components) in a group The sheeting for each wall should be in another and in one piece. Do not nest them! Makes it easier to edit the pieces.

At this point it would be easier to start over. Spend some time at The Learning centerThis is by the SU team. The Fundamentals Course does a good job with the basics.

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