Help - I can't create window openings by pushing through


I’m hoping someone can tell me what I’m doing wrong. I’m trying to create window openings by first using tape measure to make a grid (for the windows along a wall) but when I line draw the window outline, it allows me to push the window all the way through the wall (as a box) or pull it back into the room, but won’t allow me to alight on the outside face (to create a true window space).

Is it a problem with the guidelines, the wall or the way I’m drawing the window outline?

Its strange as I managed to create window spaces on two other facias no problem.

Hope the above is not too confusing.

Cheers, Jules

It can be many things. Can you post your file here. Use the icon that looks like a button with an up-arrow to upload your file. (8th icon from the left).

My guess is that the outside face of the wall is not parallel to the inside face.

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It could be any or several of those. As @TDahl noted, the most common issue is having the two surfaces of the wall not quite parallel. But guides drawn slightly off the surface or slightly crooked can also occur.

So, as suggested, if you can share the file we will be able to tell you for sure.

This or the wall is already a group, so the window outline may not be affecting it.

Thanks Jean

I’m not sure I can - I’m using the free version and only allows me to export a png file.

From the subsequent replies I think it may be that both walls aint parallel - as when I wanted to draw the guidelines on the outer wall - they went partly thru the wall.

Do you know the easiest way of fixing? Thanks

Try watching this from Aaron at sketchup - sorted me out.

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Many thanks, appreciate it. I’ll take a look.

Jean means post a copy of the SketchUp file, not an export.

You can save your file, then Download it to your computer:

Then upload it to the forum (if it’s less than about 15MB) or to a file sharing service such as Dropbox, OneDrive or WeTransfer, and provide a shared link here.

Not sure what you mean by that (how to do that).

Thanks everyone for your help - watching the video enabled me to fix what the issue was.

Appreciate the support.

What John said just above. Download the SketchUp file to your computer. There’s an upload button at the top of the text box to upload to the forum. Very handy to get help with a file.