Push/Pull Windows

MY HOUSE 2.1.skp (203.4 KB)

Need some help with the Push/Pull tool.
I can’t seem to be able to Push through to create window/door openings. I’ve attached my file the window is the only thing on here. I’ve done it before successfully but can’t seem to get it work here. I’ve used the rectangle tool and not the pencil to make sure it’s on the axis properly.
Please help!!
MY HOUSE 2|690x342

The walls are grouped and you’ve drawn the rectangle for the winodw outside the group. Open the group for editing before you draw the rectangles and try to push them through.

Oh this makes sense now. I’m still learning and this was incredibly helpful. Thank you so much

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You’re welcome.

Remember that making a group or component of a collection of geometry is like putting that geometry into a transparent box. You can see it and move it around without it sticking to other groups or components or ungrouped geometry but you have to open the box to make any changes to it.