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Hi. can someone tell me what i have got wrong , i am trying to edit the rafters (trim them using pushpull). it seems that i have to do them individually even though they are all from one component.test ongoing house roof rafters.skp (233.4 KB)
thanks in advance for any guidance regards Pete

Each rafter needs to be an instance of the same component.
Now you have their basic geometry wrapped together in a large component of which you have two instances, one left and one right.

thanks for your reply Wo3Dan , are you able to tell where i went wrong .im a complete beginner , and with so much to remember ,It’s no big deal just a test model but it would be good to know , thanks once again

You need to invest some time in what groups and components are for, how to name them and how to use layers.
Groups are on their own, like all the studs that you have now. Change one does not affect the others.
The rafters aren’t even grouped as component, nor as individual groups. Their geometry is not separated as single component instances.

Make one rafter (length doesn’t matter yet) > Make it a component > copy that component to get one roof side filled > enter one of the rafter components and change its length. All the others will change the same way.

p.s. groups and components are to separate their geometry from other geometry.
Components have the advantage of "change one instance > change all same instances"
All basic geometry should stay “on” Layer0. Groups and components may have some other layer assigned to them.
And with layers on/off you controle their visibility.

Thanks again for your time . i have watched lots of videos for beginners but most of them don’t explain the fine details and it seems thats where the key to sketchup is .I will try finding the ones that explain in a easy to understand way ., regards Pete

Maybe this one: Introduction to groups and components (in Sketchup) - YouTube
Type some keywords in Youtube to narrow down to what you want to focus on. So many videos ou there.

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