Problem with PushPull using a component

Hi I would like to start by saying I love this software, unfortunately I have already completed most of my model and now I can not create openings in the walls using push pull. I had to make each wall a component/group. This made it easier to move them into position. I created a test model with a rectangle . push pull, all works when I create an opening as long as I do NOT create it as a group or component the minute I do, push pull will not create the opening. Has anyone experienced this or have any suggestions. Any thoughts appreciated.

Open the component for editing by double clicking before trying to draw your rectangle.

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Thanks for the quick reply it worked thanks so much

Keep in mind that part of the idea of creating a group or component is to prevent subsequent geometry from modifying the geometry inside that group or component container. As Box shows, if you want to make a change to that geometry inside the group/component container, you first need to open the container.

You can also explode the component or group if you no longer need it to be a component or group. The ungrouped unit can then be edited also.

I would say it is very rare to need to do that. Normally, you can edit the group or component instead, to add or remove geometry inside it. If you want to include other geometry or a component or group you have already drawn, select it, cut to clipboard, open the object you want to add it to for editing, and either paste it in, or paste in place if it is in the right place to start with.

And be aware that if you explode an object with a tag or layer attached to it, all the exploded geometry, including loose edges or faces, with have that tag or layer assigned to it. Reset all loose geometry to Untagged or Layer0 to prevent future confusion, and leave the Default tag or layer at Untagged or Layer0 (almost) all the time, with very rare exceptions, for example, when drawing dimensions. Remember to return the default to Untagged/Layer0 before drawing any further geometry.

Thanks for all the replies I really appreciate it