Holes ! using the push pull tool


Hello, I use the push pull tool all time .I find myself making sure get it right to make the hole …Well I’m not getting now ,to make the hole through.

here is a test block



I don’t really understand the question and the pictures are a bit vague in pointing out the problem. None the less, I’ll guess on this one and we’ll see how that works out.

It looks to me as if the test block is locked – hence the red outline around the selected object,… as opposed to a blue one for an unlocked object.

You’ll have to select that group again, and right click so you can choose the unlock function in the context menu before you’ll be able to edit that object again. otherwise SketchUp is trying to do you favor by protecting something from accidental edits, or changes (which is what the benefit of the lock function is there to offer).

OR, should I be looking somewhere else on you’re screen shot ???


As an alternative guess, It could be that you’ve drawn a circle on the face of an object which has already been grouped… and in this case using the push pull tool won’t push through the grouped surface since it’s not seen as part of the same object.

Ideally you’d want to double click on the group to enter it’s edit mode, and then draw the circle directly onto the face before using the push/pull tool.

having said that, It is possible to make a hole in grouped object using some other object outside of the group, but that can’t happen with the push/pull tool. You’d need to use one of the Solid Tool options, or the intersect function when working with two solids, or two groups.


Look at these resources for information on using the P/P tool in SketchUp:



That is something I still do from time to time. I would leave some objects un-grouped or not made a component that I need to alter or tweak. Having to open it constantly to refine I thought was a pain but not getting it right the first time was the true problem!! Then forget which one it was. Especially get familiar with this, I found it easiest to make a component or group first off then just make a move copy off to a blank spot on canvas. This way there is no other geometry in the way to have to hide or distract with inferencing. Then you can just ditch it being the original get changed without having to re-position or re-aline. This is for components only. If it is something large with many instance`s have the Out-liner docked and use as a reference. It shows you what is grouped or a component and is very handy to help you organize your space.


Thanks Guys, I got it work ,Here is a keyshot render.


What does this contraption do, exactly?


I think it’s sort of an MIT Laboratory version of one of these…


It a animatronic eye mechanism pull pull process . Other design http://youtu.be/Da1bq7PEXtw

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