How to push pull along a path


In the photo above, i have two sections of roof that i made to “extend” the edges past the body of the shop along the guide. However, they are not long enough and i can not figure out how to stretch them out and pull them even further down. I tried using the scale tool and was not successful. Is there another tool/extension to use or should i just draw it in again?
shop.skp (276.5 KB)

Push/Pull only works perpendicular to the face being extruded.

Select the face and use Move.


Fredo has a tool for it, but as @DaveR says


i tried the move tool before scale and it went in all sorts of weird directions. move tool was my intial choice but man, SU didnt like it. Ill try again. I move the face along the guide correct? its kind of like using autofold?

edit. I got it to work. its a we bit picky and sketchy, but i was able to get it to work.

It shouldn’t be. Do as @Box shows.

When your not moving things on the red, blue or green axis shoot a guideline down an edge the direction your moving. When you grab the edge and move it will slide right along the guide. Look at the beginning of Box’s gif . You can see the guide.

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Thanks:) im learning some new things each day with this program. for example, doing loop cuts like you can in blender. I figured out how to do it in skethcup.

i had the guide in there, just could not get it to slide correctly. i am using a laptop and sometimes thats not the best idea haha.

Personally I wouldn’t bother with the guide, just slide down the edge.

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