Getting started with SketchUp - Part 4 | Push/Pull Surface to ARC for Component @ 9:31 sec | How To Guidance

Hello Members…
Working through the Getting Started Series of Tutorials located on the SketchUp YouTube Channel.

Can anyone provide any constructive insight as how to push/pull the surface or edge to snap to the ARC / Arch, and create and Arch on Table Front Support?

I successfully created and added the Table Front Support as a component.
I successfully have created the Table Back Support from the Component model.
I have made sure I have the “Component” selected to Modify the component. (shows Red & Green Reference lines indicating the “Component” is active, and should be able to modify.)
I successfully draw the 2 pt. ARC, as Tutorial shows.

I can Select the Push/Pull Tool to show an Active Icon. | This is when I fail |

The Active Push/Pull Tool CANNOT select the Area under the ARC.
It cannot Select the Surface area under the ARC.
It cannot Select anything.
The Push/Pull Tool active, but has a red circle with line through it. Indicating it will not Select.

What am i doing wrong???
I have followed the Tutorial and still cannot get the Edge of Component to Snap up the the Arc I drew.

According to the Tutorial, I should be able to draw and ARC, Activate the Push/Pull Tool and move the edge of the Table Front Support Edge or bottom edge and snap the bottom edge up to the ARC.

Thank you in-advance for any constructive guidance.

Have a great day and a better tomorrow,


Add your model so we can see what you have, most likely is you have double wrapped the geometry so even though it appears to be open for editing there may be another level of wrapping.

Hello Box,

Thank you for your motivation. As a new user, your request for the model inspired me to keep on working with the tutorial.

I am not sure how to share a “Model” with the Blog yet.
At this point in time, the tutorials only had me create a Group and 2 Components. A Table - End Support & Table - Front Support. I did look into “model” and upload and downloads, which I had done. Downloaded a pre-model of the Table - Clear Oval.

With some rest, perseverance, and some prayer. I was lable to get the Push/Pull Tool to work like it did in the Tutorial.

I am not really sure how I am doing it. I was able to modified the second component I created successfully as well.

Visually, both the “Table Front Support Components” have been changed.

Day 3 of the Getting Started Tutorials should prove to be interesting.

Have a great day and a better tomorrow,

Thank you for sharing,