Fillet and component fails


leg is a simple rectangular extrusion, I drew a line across the front face, used the select tool to pick the two inside base lines, used follow me and selected the triangle and it left a thin wall, instead of trimming properly.

I also three clicked the leg and when I right click and select component is locks up the software.

Not a good start for hoping to find what reasonable tool for 3D CAD work.

Could you share your model here (use the upload icon 00 PM at the top of the reply window)? It is difficult to diagnose a problem from just a static picture.

mb_endtable.skp (153.9 KB)

here it is

What is it you want to wind up with? A taper on two sides of the leg?

I’m not sure I understand, so bear with me. I think you should have used pushpull, not followme, to cut the bevel on the face of the leg. But even so, you can just erase the spurious edges to clean things up:

Did I miss your point?

Correct, I tried using two horizontal lines and moving the bottom edge one at a time but that left a strange diagonal line on the second face. Interest the tutorials never made you erase that feature

That’s an odd way to create the taper.

What tutorial were you following?

A much easier way to do a two-side taper:


Or using the scale tool


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