Lower leg design


I’m trying to draw attached on two insides of leg 1-3/4x1-3/4. Can anyone help?



What part are you struggling with?


I’d use Follow Me after drawing the profile on one outside face.

Select the edges along the top for the two inside faces, get Follow Me, and click on the profile face.


Hi Dave,

I go into edit mode then draw the arc. Next I pick the 2 lines on top then follow me then pick area to be cut out. I must be doing something wrong.
Thanks for your help.
Jim Wilson


Upload your model so we can see exactly what you’ve got. If you’re reluctant to upload it publicly, send it to me in a PM (click on my name and then Message) and I’ll look at it.


YouTube SketchUp channel -

Basic tool video tutorial including followme


Animation showing what @DaveR described. I had to erase a couple of left-over edges at the end, but that’s no sweat.



Fabulous thread.
I just learned that Follow Me can be subtractive as well as additive.
Thank you.


It can do both at the same time, too.


It’s only one leg 1-3/4x1-3/4x 20” long. I named it and put it on a layer.

Jim Wilson


You should still be able to do what I described and Steve demonstrated. If you are having difficult, share the SKP file so we can see it and see what you are working with exactly.


Thanks Dave and Steve it worked!

Jim Wilson


Thanks Steve it worked!

Jim Wilson