Can someone teach me how to do this? (follow me tool)



Hi everybody.

I’m trying the exercises from a book I bought.

But I don’t get to do this. Can someone explain this more detailed?
I think I do all what it says, but I don’t get that result.
If someone tells me how to record a video with OBS I can upload showing how I’m trying.


Press and hold the Ctrl key when selecting the second half of the circle.


Thank you for asnwering so fast.
I get the same result as you do.
But according to the book I think this is how it should look.

How did you do that video?

Thanks in advance.


How old is the book? Different versions of Sketchup can give different results.

The video is actually an animated GIF made by LICEcap.


It’s for 2016 version.

But … it doesn’t matter because the exercise finishes at that point and I can draw a hemisphere and then draw a circle inside to get the same result as they propose with the tool “follow me”

Thank you so much.


You can draw a larger circle and delete the face before running Follow Me. Then the bottom of the hemisphere will be filled in automatically.

The key thing is that Follow Me is both additive and subtractive. If there’s already a face or faces in the path of the extrusion, they will be removed. If there’s nothing in the path, faces will be created.


Yeah, it’s how I did, thanks.


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