Difficulty using push/pull on first project

I created a surface with 3 circles on it. When I pull the surface to give it thickness, the circles become holes. I need to leave the circles in place for further development How can I avoid the circles becoming holes


How about uploading the SketchUp file or at least a screen shot?

4.25 tri X 0.0625 plus circles plus trim.skp (195.2 KB)

Holes are seen on bottom face.

4.25 tri X 0.0625 plus circles plus trim.skp (75.5 KB)

You want this? Draw the triangular face and extrude it before you draw the circles on it. Push/Pull is doing what it should but the way you set it up, it gives you results you didn’t expect.

If you want the circles on the bottom face, too, you can copy them from the top face.

I tried that first, but when I trimmed the corners I got open sections
on the walls.

You are working at a pretty small size with an excessive number of sides for the curves and circles. Work at a larger scale and scale down or use the Dave Method to model it.

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Hi Dave

I do like the Dave Method and will give it a try. Thanks for all your help.

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