Faces not getting split as expected


I’ve come across this a couple of times already and I don’t get what I am doing wrong.

All entities are on the same layer, the circle is on the exact same level as the outer edge and yet the inner circle is not a selectable face on it’s own.

Any clue what I am missing or what to check?



I submit these three items:

  • Turn on Profiles in Styles > Edge settings. That way you can tell from inspection whether an edge or shape has properly intersected a face. If an edge remains thick (a profile) it has not cut the face.

  • Sometimes, SU fails to intersect an edge with a face. You can usually remedy this by tracing over one segment of the edge with the Line tool.

  • Layers are unrelated to this issue. However, the fact that you mentioned layers in this context suggests that you need to get up to speed on the peculiaritries of SU layers before you get into trouble See this article:
    Does SketchUp support layers?



Just run into this again and followed your suggestions.

Profiles I already had activated. The edge did remain thick.
Tracing over one edge indeed did the trick. (Yay!)

I thought drawing the line as I showed would do the same thing. Obviously I am wrong.

Layers I mentioned because I already had my “fun” with those. Just wanted to make sure that area is covered.

Thanks a lot!