Can't select just the face I would like to, other faces are also selected

Hi there

This has me confused, I’m trying to select just Face 1 (see image), the inner face in my model, but for some reason SketchUp is also selecting Face 2 (see image), even though they appear to be separated by lines.

Does anyone know why this is happening, and how I can stop it?

Many thanks in advance for any help that be provided.

Thanks. Paul

Asset.skp (191.1 KB)


In rare cases SketchUp struggles to split faces. As mihai.s shows, these faces are in fact just a single face as the edge crossing it shows as a thicker profile edge. This can usually be addressed by cutting out the face and pasting it in place. Filling in the edge with line tool also works.

Thank you mihai.s and ene_su. So it was a SketchUp anomaly, good to know. I put the lines/edges in and then wondered why it didn’t work. I’ll just delete and redraw or copy the face in future. Thank you. Paul.