Can't Select Specific Enclosed Face

I’m creating the ground-work for the interior of a house. So I’m starting out by creating the outlines of the walls and rooms then I will extrude the walls up and work from there. The issue I’m having is I can’t select the walls separate from the large living space. The faces are enclosed, but it still will not let me select those faces separately from some other areas. I’ve attached an image of me trying to select ONLY the walls. As you can see, it also selects the large living space as well. Is there a fix for this?
I also attached the SKP.

House Model.skp (191.6 KB)

I really can’t say why but those thick lines aroud the space to the right are not on the face. See in the first image if you take the rectangle tool and hold it over the face, press SHIFT, and you see edges that are on the face. Next with the rectangle tool over the face get “on face” inference and hold shift. Draw from one corner of the room to the other. Do you see the little green dots in the corners in the second picture? It will give you edges on the face.

I think the face itself was just slightly off. Don’t know how.


Yes, you plane is ever so slightly out of wack. It’s not quite square nor full flat.
I suspect it is down to the way you have drawn it, I’m going to guess you drew it mostly with the edge tool rather than the rectangle tool.
Also having length snapping on and set to 1/16 can allow things to snap just out of alignment.

Thanks for this, it fixed the issue. All the searching I did, I didn’t see this type of solution. I probably didn’t know the correct key words for it.

Is there a way to fix the alignment? Cause I can’t even see the misalignment.

It’s so close that I don’t think SketchUp can tell. It’s sort of now “pulled” back into line. Inspect to see if you find extra edges or faces. If you look at it in a style with the edges “by axis” it looks fine–but that doesn’t prove anything but that SketchUp has a bit of wiggle room that maybe helps and messes things up at the same time. Will it mess things up down the line? IDK.

Yes it is difficult to spot but you can see here how the rectangle drawn over the top creates a few strange edges. Their removal then allows you to put it back together.
Sketchup can bend things, sometimes it just takes one bit to throw things out.


This could be related to the ‘bowtie’ glitch:

It totally messes up face area’s.

Try avoiding them by using the methods described

That was the first bit I looked at Mike, but it didn’t fix the problem. It is a very odd little twist somewhere.

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Thanks for the different techniques on attacking this issue. Both worked.

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