Simple problem with making 3D walls

I’ve traced a plan with the intention of extruding the walls and making a 3D model. Im a beginner at Sketchup and have made a few 3D models before but not in this way. I’ve got stuck and can’t seem to find a way forward. When i’m looking at the plan from the top, the inside of the room is highlighted too, and whereas normally I can select it and delete it, this time it selects the walls too. I presumed that this was because somewhere the walls aren’t meeting properly but I’ve had a good look and can’t figure it out. I’ve attached the model and would be so grateful for any help.

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Download link:

Select your linework and faces, right click and choose, Intersect Faces with Selection.

Your floorplan is over 60mb. Your geometry is less than 200kb.

Hello, I’m not sure if your plan was designed in sketchup only or not, but for some reason SU didn’t understand some areas were closed. No big deal, you have two solutions :
- draw over a line or even a small part of a line on the inner side of the walls in each rooms located on the sides.
or :

  • select all > right click > intersect faces > with selection.

As for the room in the middle (if it is one) it is simply not closed ; you will need to define the area by drawing the missing lines.

Ah what an easy solution! Thank you so much for such a quick reply!

My plan was drawn in Vectorworks which is software that I am much more familiar with. Many thanks for your help!

you’re welcome.

Oh @box is true, I didn’t even realize the size of your file ! Go to window > model info > statistics and purge your file !
when you import geometry, components, etc. and delete some of them, they will remain in your file (in case of re-use needed, for example)

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