Creating a simple floor plan

I’m just wanting to do simple floor plans like this:

I have pored over some tutorials on how to do it in 2D but they require making an interior and exterior wall which would eventually be used in 3D but maybe I don’t want to do it in 3D right now?

How can I do it this way? I’ve been trying to figure out how to make stick door openings and I’ve got the concept of guides but the guides don’t seem to be marking off sections of the lines I want to cut out/delete.


But would you later want to make it 3D? If you do, would you be OK with starting over? If so, just use the Rectangle and the Line tools.

Maybe not entirely.

Guides won’t affect geometry. You would need to break the edgess with intersecting edges.

how do you break edges? Nobody seems to have any info about that, in a model with 2 walls you use a rectangle and it punches out a hole, that’s fine but I’m not doing it that way.

Yes I would not mind starting over; plus I’m already too far into it to bother now

As I wrote, use the Line tool to create intersections where you want to break the edge. Then erase what you don’t want.

Basically the reason you aren’t finding tutorials to show modeling like this is because this isn’t really what Sketchup is intended for. SketchUp is a 3D modeling application.

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Fair enough; but I couldn’t find anything tha would import from PDF, image sketches, etc so I used Sketchup

One other question; how do I delete the primary layer? It doesn’t let me hide or delete it yet that’s the layer with the imported image. Can I copy layers to another project/model?

There are no layers in SketchUp. There are tags. Untagged should be active at ALL times. ALL edges and faces should be created and left untagged. Only objects (groups, components, and images) get tags.You cannot make Untagged invisible. If you don’t want to see the imported image, select it and give it a tag in Entity Info. Then turn off that tag’s visibility.

If you want to use the same tags in multiple files, create a template that includes those tags.

Sounds like before you go any further you really should spend some time going through the Fundamentals at

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Basically I’ll just have to start over

Also when I zoom in/out text labels seem to move or become out of place

Thanks for the help Dave R

If you are using screen text it will remain where you put it relative to the screen, not the model. Labels will remain where they are put relative to the point to which they are attached and yes, as you zoom or orbit they will appear to move relative to the screen.

Better to add text in LayOut.

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