Noob - Floor Plan Drawing

I’ve downloaded and watch a few of the starter tutorials, but not getting what I need to know so far. Am I able to create a floor plan in sketchup? I want to take the measurements of a plan I have and put it into sketchup… or do I have to have the pro version to do that? I’m not worried about a 3d model, just floor plan.

Yes you can, but why use a 3D program to make something in 2D?

Never done any drafting in any software before so I was just asking. We’re buying a house and need to add a pool and studio in the backyard on a plan so I just googled drafting software and decided to try this.

Ok. You don’t need the Pro version.
But you’ll want to learn a few of the fundamentals first.
One thing to help would be to set the Camera to Top View and Parallel Projection then Create a Scene from that. This will help you draw in 2d and if you accidentally orbit around you can hit the scene tab to get you back in position.

yeah I got that, watched up to the table tutorial and thought, is this even what I need? When I tried doing the block dimensions I was thrown off because the tutorial didn’t go through that. The block dimensions are 13m across the front, 31,810 left, 33,355 right and 13,090 across the back… couldn’t seem to work it out.

Do you know the angles involved or is there one square corner?

Adding specific sizes is very simple. To start your plan get the Rectangle tool, click and drag in the rough direction you want then let go of the mouse and type 14m,34m and hit enter.
This will give to a rectangle slightly larger than your plan that you can now add the correct perimeter lines to with the pencil tool.
SU is always listening, so start an action then type what you want and hit enter.

Have a look at File >> Add Location and type in your address…

it may be a good starting point, depending on where you are…


How do I add the correct parameters with the pencil tool exactly? The front and sides of the block are square which makes the back angled.

I thought I might be able to use the select tool and select each boundary and input the size after making the rectangle but it doesn’t work that way I guess.

block.pdf (274.0 KB)

Here’s one way. Start at the origin and draw a line 13000 toward the right along the red axis. (Line A) Start the line in the red direction, let go of the mouse, type the distance and hit Enter. Move the mouse in the green direction up the east side of the block. Make sure the line trailing the cursor is green. Type the distance and hit Enter. (Line B) After that edge is made hit ESC to quit drawing. Go back to the origin and draw the west edge of the block with the line tool.(Line C) After you get it to be the right length, draw the north edge (Line D) by joining up Lines B and C.

Esc to quit drawing made all the difference. Didn’t know that. Cheers! I’ll keep this here n ask questions when I get stuck I guess.

How do i get rid of the green background

if you need plain 2D drafting you may want check the free version of Dassaults ‘DraftSight’ (an AC clone) too.

The easiest thing to do at the moment is to start a new drawing and choose a metric one that doesn’t have the ground and sky turned on. You need to spend more time with the tutorial videos, too.

Yeah it’s all very new but now we’re a little pressed for time to get something drafted to get pricing up and off to the bank for a full cost and approval, hence the green questions.

Honestly, I’d like to learn drafting anyway as I work in the construction industry. It just interests me… and I guess I could use it for my own benefit from time to time. Was going to go to our local tafe college and learn it.

Here’s what I have now. Can I nudge all selected points to move the house dimension around to its proper spot? I’ve marked 1m from the side and 4500 from the front so I can position the house.

Ok, zoomed out it was jumping around, zoomed in and was able to get it in position with just the move tool.

How do I use the text? I type pool and hit place but the move tool comes up and I’m not able to place text. Also I’ve been able to enter all the add text dimensions everywhere but seems like after putting everything in properly the back boundary has changed? Not too far off though. And lastly, best way to print full plan?? … and thanks for the advice, it helped alot!

Some help on this and thank you all, but if i was drawing up plans with thicker walls and some walls with cladding, this is not really the software for this is it?

SketchUp is the software for that purpose.

This example is one I did a long while back. Drawn with details, floor plan complete inside with walls of proper thickness, appliances, plumbing fixtures, etc. There are many better examples out there, too.

oh cool, but only in pro version right?

No! Although I did use the pro version when I drew that, I didn’t do anything that couldn’t be done in SketchUp Make.