Layout or Pro?


Sketch up newbie here. I am trying to design a friends bedroom in Sketch up Pro in 3D. I’m a bit confused though and wondering if I should have rather done this in Layout? I cannot seem to get my walls to drop and I think it’s best I rather do this in 2D and insert some basic 2D furniture to show layout. How do I move this to 2D/ layout? Or should I keep it here in pro and make it 2D and add furniture?

Please help :slight_smile: Nathalie 3d model sketch up help5.skp (3.3 MB)

There are quite a number of things you can do. Here I’ve added a section cut to the walls so you can see the floor completely. A standard top view with the camera set to Parallel Projection would give you the floor plan which you could show in LayOut.

You could also make elevation views if you want to do that. Youjust have to decide what you need to show.

I think your best option is to use both SketchUp and LayOut together as they were designed to work.


Hi Dave, thank you very much, this really helped. Appreciate your ever fast replies.

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