Floor Plan Issues

Hi there everyone I trust all is well. I am battling to find info on this one. Please would someone be so kind to explain how this Architectect does this. I have googled in different ways but no success to date. The floor plan i have is surrounded by say paper and i want to cut this out and Group only the floor plan and be able to lift it on top of the floor to build the walls etc., I have watched this video so many times and cannot figure out how to do this? Please would someone assist me herewith? I include the link to the video and am still in the learning process, just past the Newbie stage lol. thanking you all for your kind assistance herewith and here is the youtube video link Watch at 01:35 SketchUp Modern Home Plan Size 8x12m With 3 Bedroom - YouTube I have seen others do it differently but i like this idea. Thank you everyone. Lynda

You need to convert the floorpan from an image file to a .dwg or .dxf. You can them import that into SketchUp as editable paths (I use Adobe Illustrator for this).

Ed: If you are saying you only have a physical ‘paper’ floorplan then you will need to re-draw it digitally in something that can export in .dwg or .dxf (again, you can do this in Adobe Illustrator but other programs exist like AutoCad).

If you don’t/can’t do it yourself then you could hire somebody to draw it out for you.

The person in the video is tracing over an imported vector floor plan from a 2D CAD program. You can tell because the line tool snaps to end points. If you floor plan is a raster image, there’s nothing to snap too. You can still trace over it, but it’s all approximate unless you type in numbers for what you draw. In the former case, you need a .dxf or .dwg file as @liamk887 says, and then you need SketchUp Pro to be able to open it.

Hi Liam, thank you for your speedy response, greatly appreciated. Yes i can draw out the floor plan in CAD but i have no clue from CAD how to get this into Sketchup? or any other steps to follow from there? please would you be able to assist with an almost step by step instructions and what to click please if that not asking for too much? I would be most grateful to anyone for this bit of assistance, much appreciated thank you. Liam this might sound silly question, but if I removed or cut away the surrounding bit of paper would that still not help? that is what i have been trying to get rid of and thought that would work? lol. Thank you Lynda

You need to export the floorplans from whatever CAD software you are using into dwg or dxf format, I am not sure what you have so can’t be specific but most can export as a .dwg file.

In SketchUp you then choose: FILE > Import > AutoCad Files

Select the .dwg and it will come into SketchUp.

Yes, in whatever editor you are using you can remove and borders from the floorplans, or you can get rid of them inside SketchUp, doesn’t really matter just down to personal preference. Myself, I like to keep in a border as if I need to re-import a floorplan with an amendment I can easily layer it on top and line it up with the previous import.

Hi RTCool, thank you for all the info i really appreciate all the feedback. I was unaware that it would be so complicated lol. I though i could just cut away and group it!! at least we can have a good laugh at stupidity at times. Take care everyone, so we learn! Best regards Lynda

It should import as a group, then you can easily ‘cut away’ the border as you say in only a few clicks.

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