Help with Sketching floor plan

ok, so I am using the pro to get into grips with the sketchup.

Having couple of issues:

When trying to put a window in, and then push it in, it doesn’t go all the way and doesn’t create the door/window opening.

Have a look at the attached file as this is the one I am working on.

Any help appreciated

You’ve sent a media file? That will simply demonstrate the symptoms. You should send the actual SketchUp file so we can poke around with it, check your planars, etc.

It has to do with the (skewed) walls. You can see it when you set the edges in the used style to ‘by Axis’. If you want to draw a rectangle on a face in the same plane, select the rectangle tool, hoover over a face en let SketchUp ‘recognize’ it (inference ‘On Face’ is showing as a tooltip) then hold Shift

Hi Mike

Thank you for the handy tip.

So I had to redo the floor plan from scratch as there were lots of edges not corect, and having tried to play around for an hour, decided easier to start from flat and then do it again.

So attached it my V4 , however despite all edges now correct, there seems to be some of the openings where I can 't push to the end?

Any suggestions as to why this is happening so I can get rid of the issues

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