Making Arch D Blueprints

ive been using the 3d side of sketch up (free) to draw plans for years, I have a 30 day trial of pro, and am trying to integrate layout, so I can make, and print drawings more professionally. I have been scaling everything to a 2x3 pdf at 1"-4’ however, when put into layout, I have to problems, 1st, the dimensions are blurry, and I cant get rid of the green background, before, when I saved as pdf, it disappeared, but now, it doesn’t. So, is it better to draw the 2d floorplan in layout and do dimensions there?, or is there a fix.

First, draw your model at full size. Don’t scale it down in SketchUp. Set the scale for the scenes/viewports in LayOut.

SketchUp dimensions will look better in LayOut if you render the viewports in Vector or Hybrid mode. It’s even better to put the dimensions in using LayOut’s dimension tools instead of SketchUp’s.

As for the green background, edit the style in SketchUp to change the background color to white and update the style.

No. You don’t need to draw the floor plan in LayOut. Just use the SketchUp model.

awesome, its starting to make since!

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