Importing floor plans into layout, setting out the scale for presentation on pdf

Basic Floor plans in 2d. i have imported cad/dwg file into sketch up pro
i have then amended the floor plans, ground and 1st floor in 2d and now wish to export the amended plans into layout, i then want to send the drawing to the client in pdf format so they can use it with a scale ruler. The issue is getting the right scale, I can’t work out how to put in a scale that looks like you would get on an architects drawing and also when i print out the ground and first floor plans they are coming out different sizes so therefore do not corelate to the drawing scale at all. Please can i get some help on this?

There are some very skilled layout users here that will come to your aid in due course, it’s fairly clear that you haven’t quite grasped the relationship between SU and Layout.
In the mean time, while waiting for a useful answer, I would correct your profile information, removing the caps, being specific on the windows version and finding the correct information regarding your Graphic Card.

Have you looked in the 3D Warehouse? There are scales there.

Sounds like you have not selected the scale for the window in Layout correctly. SU works at real world scale and it is only when you export to Layout that you get to scale the window through which you are looking. This is the dialog box you need to use in LO:


If you are working solely in 2D, you should have created a scene in SU with the camera set to Parallel Projection.

As Simon has indicated, you need to first set up scenes in SketchUp showing the floor plans. Camera set to Parallel Projection and the appropriate Standard View. Probably the Top view. Create a scene for each floor of the building. Proper use of layers with the floor plans aligned over each other can make it very easy to set up the views in LayOut so they are aligned.

After saving the file, send to LayOut. Select the desired template. If you don’t see a paper size you want, go to File>Document Setup and choose the one you want.

Select the viewport and then find the SketchUp Model panel. On Windows it should be in the Default Tray on the right side of the screen. Choose the scene in the scenes drop down list and select the scale. For the moment, don’t do anything else in that panel. If necessary, drag the edges of the viewport to show the entire floor plan. Holding Alt while dragging the edges will resize the viewport about its center. Do not double click on the viewport or you will create a modified scene which breaks the link from the SketchUp file.

If your floor plan is only black lines on white background, you might want to change the rendering type to Vector. If you’ve added textures, you could change it to Hybrid to get vector line work.

To make the next page for the next floor. select the viewport and copy it (Ctrl+C, Right click-copy, Edit>Copy) then go to the next page. Make a new page if needed. Then paste the copied viewport. In the SketchUp Model panel all you need to do is select the next scene from the drop down.

As for creating a scale to put on the page, you could probably find one in the 3D Warehouse. Import it into SketchUp and insert that into LayOut. Another way would be to select Scaled Drawing in LayOut, choose the same scale you are using for your floor plans and use the drawing tools (Rectangle) to draw the scale. Since it’s a scaled drawing you would enter real world dimensions as you are drawing. If you change the scale for displaying your floor plans, you can change the scale on the scaled drawing, too.