Exporting a Sketchup plan to scale

Hi There,
I have Imported my floor plan over from Sketchup free to my new Sketchup Pro 2022. using Windows.
I have managed to print it to scale 1:100 in tiles but I really want to export it to a 1:100mm scale .
I am using the parallel projection
I would love some help please.


This is where LayOut comes into play. Set up a scene showing your plan in the SketchUp model. Save it and then send to LayOut. Choose the required paper size so your 1:100 plan will fit. Set the scale for the viewport and drag the edges of it if needed to adjust the size of the viewport.

Once you have it set up the way you need it, export as a PDF. That can then be printed on a printer that will handle the paper size.

If you share the .skp file I’ll set up a LayOut file to show you.

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Dave’s advice is to the point. You can, though, also use the Export>2D Image route directly from SketchUp. If your view is a standard one (top, for instance, for a plan view) you can set your scale for DWG, DXF, PDF or EPS export in the export dialog. The results from LayOut are more consistent.

Hey DaveR,

Thanks so much for this . The Export >2D didn’t work for me as It didn’t give me the option to select DWG etc.
I have attached my .skp file. I have been finding the scale drop downs aren’t popping up for me.
Dally Clark Shoreham Existing (Dave).skp (48.9 KB)

Was that in SketchUp Free (the web version) or in SketchUp Pro?

Do you need a CAD file (.dwg or .dxf) export or something else? If you need .dwg or .dxf those options will be found at the bottom of the list of 2D export types in SketchUp Pro.
Screenshot - 5_18_2022 , 9_04_05 PM

My reference to LayOut would get you scaled output in a PDF format. You could also export .dwg/.dxf from LayOut.

To set up your plan to export as a PDF from LayOut, create a scene in SketchUp. Here I used the Hidden Line style so it’s just black edges and white background.

After saving the changes to the SketchUp file, I used File>Send to LayOut. I chose A3 for the paper size so your plan would be displayed on one page at 1:100

I set the render type to Vector and the scale to 1:100.

Here is the resulting PDF file:
Dally Clark.pdf (18.8 KB)

Hey Dave,

You are the nicest person I have dealt with in a long time. This is so clear now.

I really appreciate your help, you have saved my day!

Mary :slight_smile: