Convert current model to 1:50 scale

Hi all,

I’ve been using sketchup for a couple of months now and have found it to be a brilliant tool for my work.
I’d like to convert my current model into a scaled floor plan if possible?
I’ve tried using Layout but it’s so awkward compared to sketchup!

I thought i’d just be able to click the send to layout button and it’d appear as a sort of floor plan but it seems to just export as a picture.

can anyone help?

using sketchup pro 2019



Are you making a scene in SketchUp showing the floor plan of your model with the camera set to Parallel Projection? Do that, send the file to LayOut, select the scene and set the scale.

Check your private messages.

Either way you want to go you will need to set up some scenes. Go to Camera/Parallel Projection and then Camera/Standard Views/Top. This will set up a Plan view of your model. When you Send To LayOut you will have the option of choosing this Scene and place it on a LayOut page. Then you can choose a scale for it.
If you decide to print to scale from inside SketchUp, choose Print and select your Paper Size and Scale next to it. You can then do a Print Preview to check. Do note to pay attention to the Scale dialog in the Print command as it is not as straightforward as 1:50.