Create a floor plan only in 2d or Layout

I need to create only a 2d floor plan to scale on a 24" X 36" sheet. Is it possible to create one in layout and draw it to scale? IE have it set 1/4" to the foot and draw in feet/inches and have it draw on the floor plan to scale.

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I’ve created the document in 3d Sketchup but am also having trouble figuring out how to convert it into a scale drawing on a 2’x3’ sheet. It seems like just doing it in Layout would be simpler. Are there video example of how to do this on help somewhere?

It would be easier to draw it in SketchUp and send it to LayOut. Drawing in LO is paper space dimensions. You can set the Dimension tool to provide scaled dimensions for display but you’d have to make a lot of calculations to get the lines drawn correctly.

Set up a scene in SketchUp showing the plan view. Use a section cut if needed. Make sure you set the Camera to Parallel Projection and update the style. Save, Send to LayOut. Set the paper size as desired and set the viewport scale in the SketchUp Model inspector window.

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So what is the simplest way to create a scale floor plan? I don’t need elevations or 3d at all.

I do need an electrical plan.

Since you already have a 3D model, use a section cut and plan view with the camera set to Parallel Projection. Create a scene to show that and save the file. Send to LayOut and you can set the scale in the SketchUp Model inspector window.

Draw your plan flat on the ground plane.
Color in walls, etc. as you like.
Select a style you like.
Go to Top View.
Make sure the camera is set to Parallel.
Zoom Extents.
Create Scene.
Save drawing.
Open LO
Create page size you like.
Insert SU model.
Select the scene you created.
Adjust scale as you wish.
Export to PDF.

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Whiteley.skp (112.1 KB)

As I’ve written twice already and bmike has written, set the camera to Parallel Projection. Then you can set the scale in LO.
Whiteley.skp (113.7 KB)

Ok I’m new and I’ve been learning it slowly to date so be patient. I need to use it for a project now so I have to go a bit quicker. I think I have this one but I’ll get back to you most likely. Thank you

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Hey @JamesHaug,

What you are suggesting will only make the work more difficult for you. The information you received from @DaveR & @bmike is absolutely correct. You should develop your floor plan as a SketchUp model, save the view as a scene, save the skp file, and just click File > Send to Layout. A LO file will open with the scene as the only page. You can add additional scenes as you create them in the same SketchUp file.

It will only cause you more problems if you try to use Layout as a source to develop your primary floor plan.

Have a look at the following video by clicking the bold type below:

Getting Started in Layout

I did all that in Sketchup and I just might need to make cabinet elevations so yes drawn in Sketchup. I was initially having trouble getting the drawing in 2d. It imported in 3d at an angle. So your suggestions have worked so far.

Did you open my modification of your SKP file?

Yes I just did. What did you change?

Should I scale in Layout or Sketchup?

I set the camera to Parallel Projection and used Zoom Extents to make the model fill the drawing window.

In LayOut in the SketchUp Model inspector window.

I would erase the dimensions from the SketchUp file and insert dimensions in LayOut.

Scale everything that needs to be scaled in SketchUp and then export the result to LO. Once you have the scene set as you like you can establish a relative drawing scale, say 1/4"=1’-0" or 1:10, in Layout for each scene on each page.

To clarify: You draw the model at full size in SketchUp. You set the scale for the viewport in LayOut.

Hi James, SketchUp is 1:1 scale. That’s it.

Send to layout and you can then set the scale to anything you want that suits your requirements. That’s what layout is for. Create in SketchUp, annotate and present in layout


Ok this is what I got. 72’ @ 1/4":1’ should be 18" or half of a 3’ wide plan sheet. This is not to scale. Way too big.Whiteley existing plan to scale layout.layout (119.6 KB)