Scale Floorplan

Hi I’m fairly new to sketchup. I have designed a floor plan inside sketchup pro and am wanting to know how I can send it to layout and know what scale to put on the drawing. All my measurements are correct in sketchup pro I just don’t know what scale to put underneath my floor plan.

Create a scene of a top view. Save the file and then go to the file menu and click on send to layout. Select a sheet size that will work for the model and insert the scene on a sheet and then select the scale for the viewport.

The scale of the plan depends on: 1. how big the site/house is, 2. Page/paper size, and 3. the amount of white space you need around it for things like Title Block and annotations. Try posting a screenshot as that will help us give more specific recommendations.

Also, since you’re new to SketchUp and LayOut, be sure to spend some time taking our free courses on SketchUp Campus - which will help give you a strong foundation to build from.