Can't scale floor plan in Layout

Hey everyone,
I have sent my floor plan from SketchUp to layout. I have finished everything I need to do and now trying to scale my floor plan. I followed all instructions for scaling when I first added it, it didn’t do anything. Now I’m worried, I won’t be able to scale it at all. I will attach a picture as well.

Attach the layout file so we can diagnose the situation.
Is your SketchUp model built to real would dimensions? The dimensions on the screenshot, were they added in layout or SketchUp?

How did you bring your model into layout?

Attaching the layout file will also answer all of these questions faster.

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Select your plan

On your right, there should be a panel named something like “sketchup model” (it’s late, I won’t go check the exact name, it contains sketchup :wink: )

In there, there are the parameters of your viewport. Since it’s already in parallel view (or ortho), all you have to do is navigate to the “camera” section of the panel and there pick a scale. you can pick one of the default scale or create your own.

the alternative is to right click on your plan and look for the scale submenu.

Thank you! I appreciate this!

I added the dimensions in layout, I couldn’t get them to look proper in SketchUp. I sent it from SketchUp to Layout into my saved my title block template.
Module 4 Floor plan GC.layout (12.2 MB)

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good. that is the proper way. Checking the file now…

Ok, so… you have dimensions set to millimeter with a precision of 1. The dimensions listed here appear to be correct for the drawing. Did you want to use different units? Like cm?

You have the viewport scale set to 1:100, but you list the scale on your sheet as 1:50. 1:50 will not really fit on the page, it will just, but leaves no room for the dimms. You might fit it all in at 1:50 if you rotate 90˚?

The instructions in the assignment said to set for 1:100 but the scale for the floor plan needs to be 1:50. I’m wondering if that’s a mistake. I will try rotating 90 degrees and see what happens.

The scale is the scale. it’s the relationship between the true real world dimension and the size of the drawing on the paper. So it’s either 1:100 or 1:50 it can’t be both.

If you want to rotate select the viewport and the dimensions together and then use the rotate handle.

I think you can fit it at 1:50 but it will be tight and you will need to move the dimms.


Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate it. I just looked through everything. I was doing two assignments at the same time. The other assignment is 1:100 and this one is 1:50.

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cool. Then you will have to rotate and move a few dimensions to make it all fit. First rotate everything, then in the Sketchup Model window change the ratio to 1:50, then expand the edges fo the viewport so all the geometry is showing (now twice as big on the paper) then start moving and cleaning up dims. The dimensions do appear to be correct in mm if that is the goal. IF not you can change the dimms units in the dimensions style pallet. :+1:

PS. Don’t forget to rotate the North Arrow icon 90˚ as well. :wink: