PLEASE Urgent help required Sketchup Layout 2020 scaling issues


I have just signed up as I had no one else to ask and no YouTune clip seemed to be helping me out, which I am now getting pretty disheartened with as my final project is due Monday 29th June. I am in my final year of an Architectural Degree. What is really frustrating is that I cannot scale my floor plan. I have to produce a technical drawing pack (this was suppose to be the easy part as the model is drawn) but appears not to be the case. I have selected my floor plan (shows a blue box around the plan) then I right hand click and scroll down to scale, I click on 1:200 mm as mm is what I am working in (England) but it does not seem to resize then I am greeted with a little escalation mark to the bottom right of my plan. ARGH!!! How can this be, what am I doing wrong. I am really panicking so if someone kind could get back to me asap I would so very much appreciate the help.

I have attached a screen shot of what I can see.

Thank you,
Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 13.33.26|690x409

Do you have Auto Render turned off in the SketchUp Model inspector panel? If so, turn it on.
Screenshot - 6_26_2020 , 7_45_07 AM

If that’s not the problem, share the LO file so we can see what you’ve got going on.

Where is the Inspector Panel on a Mac? I shall check this first.

If you don’t have it out, go to Window and select it.

As you can see from the Window’s tab I have screen shot there is noting there.

Your screenshot shows SketchUp. The SketchUp Model inspector panel is in LayOut.

It seems that the Site Plan view scene as not been set to parallel. In SketchUp select the site plan scene, go to Camera menu and select Parallel, update the scene and save your file. In Layout update your model and You’ll be able to chose your scale.

OH GOODNESS me I am so sorry. I have just gone and turned it on in Layout… now what I do?

That may be but the following quoted line indicates that the viewport needs to be rendered.

No worries.

Make sure the viewport is selected and Auto is turned on. Then set the scale as you were or in the Standard View section of the SketchUp Model window.

I am really bad at this but look it shows that the scale is at 1:100 not 1:200 I need some video tutorials as I am really technically dyslexic when it comes to this.

The only thing I see in your screen shot that might be construed as a scale of 1:100 is actually showing 1.000,1.000 which indicates how much the viewport size scale has been changed (it hasn’t changed at the time of the screenshot.

Still trying to get use to this forum, apologies. I have uploaded the file you need. But looks like it went to the original post I uploaded.

How do we screen share?

That was in a DM. I sent you a link for the screen share.

No it doesn’t. The scale shows in the dialog box as 1:200.

Screenshot 2020-06-27 at 08.36.09

I see that the Scene name is “Site Plan 1:200”. That will be what the scene in Sketchup was named. The scale included is both unnecessary and misleading. The drawing in Sketchup will normally be lifesize. You then choose the scale of 2D output in Layout. It wouldn’t cause too much problem for an experienced user but it might for a newbie.

Thank you so much for your response, really appreciate all the help and assistance.