Layout not allowing me to scale imported scenes

Hi there, Im hoping someone can help me! I have created a model in sketchup and have save some scenes (all in Parallel projection) and when importing into Layout it is not giving me the option to choose scale! Its all greyed out. Im frustrated as I’ve re started this model many times and have successfully brought it into Layout and used the scale in the past. Im not sure what I’ve done to not have this work now. Ive checked and re-checked my scenes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

As usual, without the actual file, we are forced to hazard wild guesses.

Guess 1: Did you make sure your scenes were updated and set to Parallel projection before saving?

Hi and thank you for your reply! Yes I did. I am embarrassed to say I figured out the problem - MY PROBLEM!!! I neglected to notice the drop down ‘camera’ box to select my scale. clearly I have been burning the candle at both ends…
I will update as solution found!