Scale in Layout issues - I'm so confused

What am I doing wrong? After saving “Scene 1” in Sketchup and send it into Layout I am having issues getting my model to scale.

First I make sure my Dimension is at 1/4"=1’ and then I go to SketchUp Model in the Tray and select “Scene 1” and change the Ortho to Scale of 1/4"=1’-0" and it does not scale properly. It zooms out and gives a weird parallel projection looking view. I hope my images of the examples upload on this forum properly…

There’s a number of things going on. First, notice that the scene is listed as Modified which means you edited the camera position by opening the viewport. Go to that list and select the unmodified Scene 1. Then reset the scale if needed.

Thank you for responding so quickl Dave. I tried that… When I click the model and then click Ortho it automatically makes the scene into a “modified scene”.

Yeah. Don’t do that. Set the camera in the scene as you need it to be in the viewport in SketchUp. Then don’t change it in LO.

I think that worked! I think I was saving Scenes incorrectly in Sketchup. So, when saving Scenes you need to set the camera thru Standard Views and select Top, Left, ect?

Yes. Or whatever view you need for that scene.

BTW, did you see the PM I sent last night?