Unexpected Scene Modification Behavior in Layout

Learning Layout, and have what I suspect is a newbie question (but haven’t seen it exactly addressed). When setting up a scene into Layout, and selecting the “orthographic” button, the selected scene is then indicated as modified. I’ve learned that this may be the cause of issues that I’m having with dimensions. I don’t see/haven’t read how to set the scale of a scene without modifying said scene. Please advise.

Changing to ortho (parallel projection) modifies the camera and thus the scene. This can cause problems when reloading the model later. It’s safer to switch to parallel projection in the SketchUp model and update the scene there.

You are right to be wary of doing things that make the scenes show as modified in LayOut. You also want to avoid using the Last Saved View “scene” since it could change each time you save the SketchUp file.

To expand on what @eneroth3 wrote, make whatever views you need of the model as scenes in SketchUp. Then in LayOut, select the viewport and choose the desired scene from the dropdown list. Don’t touch the Ortho button. IF the camera in the scene in SU was set to Parallel Projection, you’ll be able to set the scale for the viewport. If needed, drag the edges of the viewport so that the entire model is visible.

Much appreciated. That did the trick. …so no scaled, dimensioned models in Layout? Or am I still missing something?

What do you mean by scaled dimensioned?

Perspective views, naturally, can not have a scale. You must save scenes using parallel projection to be able to set a scale to them in LayOut.

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Please explain what you mean.

Yes, I misspoke. Should have said only said “dimensioned,” and not “scaled.” Would like to be able to include a few dimensions on “3D” site plan and structure in layout. Maybe that doesn’t make sense. Non-architect here, just trying to convey my project to prospective contractor.

More importantly, am still having trouble with dimensions. It seemed like problem solved with saving scenes with parallel projection. However, am still seeing some dimensions go haywire when I update source document. Before, without parallel projection set, all dimensions went “off” when updated. Now, about half or two thirds do, despite parallel projection being saved to scene. Any help would be much appreciated.

Commonly this happens when one end of the dimension is not connected to the model. Is that what’s happening for you?

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