Scale problems 2018 LO

Frequently, when I open a model in LO and I need to change the scale, say to 1/4" / foot, it instead opens it as 1/8"/ ft. making me go the the SU model tray and rescale it 1/4" / ft. to get it to render properly. Why is this continually happening and how do I stop it?

trellis framing.layout (5.8 MB)

Give us half a chance to help you. Upload the LayOut file.


All of the parallel projection viewports in this file are showing with the scale set to 1/4" = 1’-0".

I notice that you’ve modified the Camera properties which is something I know in the past I’ve advised you not to do.

Show a screen shot of the viewport and the SketchUp model panel showing the wrong scale.

Looking at your SketchUp file I’m really puzzled as to why after all this time using it you aren’t setting up your 2D scenes using Parallel Projection. If you’d make that simple change you could save yourself a lot of trouble.

The floor plan, section, and plan view scenes ought to be set up with the camera set to Parallel Projection.

I never have touched the camera settings in LO. I have no idea how to do that. I just open LO and start importing the model - I occasionally change the camera in SU from perspective to parallel. This model was done in perspective.

Maybe it’s an old setting that keeps reoccurring when I start a new LO model?

I’ll try setting it to parallel and see if it makes a difference,

You must have. By selecting Ortho in the SketchUp Model panel in LayOut you would modify the Camera settings. You would haver to do that to be able to set the scale unless you’d create the scene correctly in the SketchUp model in the first place.

This is the problem. For the 2D views in your model the Camera should be set to Parallel Projection.

Both of the involved SketchUp files have the same issue.

I think it’s bad habits actually.

I can draw those details in parallel in the future. I never knew I was supposed to do it that way.

It’s only a matter of setting the Camera to Parallel Projection before you create the scene.

In order to be able to choose a scale for the viewport the camera must be set to Parallel Projection.

Ortho’s greyed out.

You don’t have a viewport selected.

It shows Modified in the scene name. Reselect the original scene.

If I understand you correctly, when I draw the model in perspective, and import it, it’s not in any particular scale, but if I draw it in parallel it is. That makes some sense, since when I import my models, they are always some weird scale and I have to rescale them on the SU model section.


No. I don’t think you do understand correctly. You can create the model with the camera set to Perspective. That doesn’t matter when you are doing the modeling even if you are modeling in 2D.

Before you create the scenes that you want to show in 2D and to scale, you need to set the camera to Parallel Projection. Only when they are shown in Parallel Projection can you set a scale.

Here I’ve fixed the scenes in the SketchUp models and reset the Camera settings for the viewports.
trellis framing fixed.layout (6.5 MB)

I think that’s it. I’ve been playing with your LO file and if I reset to the original scene (without “modified”) I can’t give a scale without hitting ortho. Then you’ve modified the scene again, which complicates things. So setting the scene to parallel projection in SU is always going to be best, if you want it in scale.

Of course that makes sense since a perspective is not in any scale, so LO creates a “modified” scene to give you ortho so you can scale.

And as Dave has already typed while I am posting. You can model in perspective, in fact that’s best, but the scene that you send to layou should be saved as parallel projection.

Sorry - I got some calls and burnt my pizza to a crisp. Augh. I was finally able to open the LO file you sent me - It was hiding in downloads.

What did you fix in the scenes?

How do you reset the camera settings for the viewports?

How do I reset the original scene without modified? I tried but couldn’t figure out how to do it.


I did what I was telling you to do. I set the Camera to Parallel Projection for the scenes that should be set that way and updated those scenes.

I use the current version of SketchUp and LayOut so I was able to just click on the Reset button in the Camera section of the SketchUp Model panel. In LayOut 2018 you would need to do what I told you and reselect the original scene from the Scenes list.

Open the Scenes drop down list and select the original scene.

Thanks. G