Scene View won't change in Layout

When I change the scale in layout, then try to change scenes, it won’t change to the view I had saved the scene in. It will have the correct things hidden in the different scene, but it stays in the original scene’s view. I updated to 2021 recently and this is not an issue I had in 2019.

Can you share the .layout file so we can see what you’ve got? I expect this is an easy fix and is due to the changes you made in the SketchUp Model panel that have disconnected your viewport from the scene. It might be as simple as clicking the Reset All button in the SketchUp Model panel.

Gardner 3D Images 12-15-20.layout (865.2 KB) Gardner Model 10-5-20.skp (176.6 KB)

Here is the Layout file along with the sketchup model. When I hit the reset all in the Sketchup Model tray that does change views when I change the scene, but then the scale also goes back to the original scale. What I like to do is set the scale then I copy and paste onto new pages and then I modify the scenes, while I keep the scale the same. In this model I just have 3D views, but I usually have elevations and plan views that I always keep at 1/2" scale.

If you make any settings in the SketchUp Model panel that result in the panel section going dark gray, those properties will be copied along with the viewport.
Screenshot - 12_15_2020 , 7_51_09 AM

Note that setting the scale for Parallel Projection scenes and Preserve Scale on Resize don’t make the Camera section go dark and don’t prevent the scene from changing.

You should be able to set up your viewports for your perspective views without making any Camera settings that need a reset. Are you double clicking into the viewport to zoom the camera? If so, don’t do that.

Here I’ve copied your viewport as it was when I opened the file up off the page…

Here I’ve reset the viewport camera settings and then adjusted the edges of the viewport to give you the same view without modifying the camera properties.

Now a copy of that viewport will show the next scene when selected.

The ability to set properties for a viewport and have them fixed for additional viewports is very powerful but it can snag you if you aren’t aware of the properties you’ve set.

There is something unintuitive about the way perspective scenes are handled in LayOut. When dealing with photographs in a page layout application it is usual to first crop the photo to show the part you want and then to scale it to fit the space allocated on page. It is not possible to work this way with perspective views in LayOut. I think that for perspectives, the “Preserve Scale on Resize” setting might be changed to “Preserve Crop on Resize” or something like that, or some other way to allow view scaling without jumping back to showing the whole uncropped view.

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