Scaling in Layout

Hi, since moving to SketchUp 2019 I am having problems with scaling a model in Layout.

I have a SketchUp file of a 20 acre site and I’ve created a scene in top view, ie a plan. When I send to layout the option where you can normally change the scale is greyed out, not accessible. Its set to 1:728.031.

The other thing that has changed is Layout no longer gives you an option to change the paper size before making the document. Its set to default A3.

I would really appreciate some help.

Many thanks
Jo Masterplan 6th May.skp (2.8 MB)

I am pretty new to Sketchup

The reason Scale is grayed out in LayOut is that you have the camera set to Perspective for the scene in SketchUp. Change the camera to Parallel Projection and update the scene. Then send to LO or update the reference in your existing LO file if you still have it.Make sure the scene has not been modified in LayOut. Look at the SketchUp Model panel with the viewport selected.

As for the paper size when you send to LayOut, are you getting the window giving you the choice of paper sizes? If not, go to Preferences>Startup and make sure Prompt for template is enabled.

Do you want the gray background in the viewport? If not, edit the style. Set the background color to white and turn off the sky. Update the style (click on the thumbnail for the style in the upper left corner of the Styles panel.

Then save the changes, go to LO and update the reference. Turn off Background under the Styles tab if you don’t want any background fill in the viewport.

FWIW, if you have certain things such as paper size, page borders, text blocks, etc. that you always use, it’s a good idea to set up a custom template so you don’t have to set all those things for each project.


Hi Dave, wow thank you so much!! This is super helpful. I didn’t realise I was in perspective view as the model is such large scale. That has tripped me up before - I should have remembered but I don’t use Layout very often.

Thanks again

Happy that helped. One way to tell that you are in Perspective instead of Parallel Projection is the presence of the axis line that should be pointing straight at the camera.


Parallel Projection:

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