How to scale my model without turning grey?


I want to scale my sketchup model in Layout but when I do, it turns grey and I can´t see the model any more.
I have updated and selected my scene.
What am I doing wrong?

Greatful for any good advice,

Any chance of some screenshots or a gif ?


Most likely you’re model is so large at that scale that only an empty area shows in it. The gray is likely the background color in the style. You might need larger paper or you might need a smaller scale. Try a different scale first and see if the model appears.

In your scene in SketchUp is the modeled centered in the model space?

If you can share the LayOut file it would be easier to give you direct help.

Thank you! You were right. Since I upgraded to Sketchup 2021 strange thing happens. My model was suddenly huge.
Have a nice weekend